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Gockley Elementary School

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Four students working collaboratively at a desk in the classroom
Two elementary students reading a single book at their desk in the classroom
Three student completing classwork on the classroom floor at Steckel Elementary
Three students receiving instruction at a desk led by a WCSD staff member
Two elementary students completing an activity on the classroom floor
Two elementary students completing classwork while being overseen by a WCSD employee
Two elementary students completing classwork at a single desk in the classroom
Two elementary students working with two WCSD staff members in the classroom
Two elementary students discussing classwork with a WCSD employee
Four elementary students working at a single desk in the classroom
Two elementary students working in the classroom
Two elementary students working at their desk in the classroom
Students sitting on the floor while the teacher provides classroom instruction
One elementary student at a desk receiving instruction from a WCSD employee
Four elementary students sitting at a desk with a wcsd employee
Three elementary students sitting at a desk with a wcsd employee
One elementary student at her desk in the classroom

Mission & Philosophy

The mission of the Whitehall-Coplay School District is to serve the diverse community by providing educational opportunities designed to challenge students to strive for personal excellence and responsible citizenship.

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Explore our dedicated 'Find it Fast' section, a gateway to quickly locating the information you're searching for. This efficient resource is designed to help you find what you need with ease.

Parent Portal

PowerSchool is a powerful tool for schools and parents to effectively communicate a student's grades and current status in the school.

Student Services

Student Services webpage is your go-to destination for essential resources to enhance your educational experience and success!

Human Resources

Information for both current WCSD employees and prospective employees.

Meal Menus

Find out what's being served for Breakfast and Lunch.


Find out what's going on at the Whitehall-Coplay School District.

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School Board

Find out information about the Whitehall-Coplay School District School Board


A parent/guardian must complete the online registration for all school-aged children entering the Whitehall-Coplay School District. 

Absentee Excuses

When your student is absent from school, these are the ways to report their absence(s).

Forms and Documents

Find all WCSD student forms and documents in one place.

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